Dear visitors to our homepage,

first of all, I would like to welcome you to our homepage.

As you have already read, we are a very old family from Westphalia. Our roots stretch back to the 13th century. Intensive research by individual members of our family in the last century made it possible for our family history to be recorded, as it is presented here.

The texts are mainly taken from the family book of Bernd Thonemann “Die Familiengeschichte Thonemann von 1275 bis heute 1995” (“The Thonemann family history from 1275 to the present day, 2023”).

We want to use the Internet to facilitate communication and the exchange of information among our family. Therefore this site was published in November 2000.

As the Internet is an open system, we are happy about every visitor interested in genealogical research and family history and who, consequently, visits our homepage.On our pages you will, of course, find a lot about our family history, about important family characters, but also a great deal of general interest, e.g. about the town of Warburg, Hardehausen Monastery or the Scherfede monastery settlement. Among other things the conditions under which people lived through the centuries are reported.

N.B. The date is given as written in German. For example: 18.12.1996. The number 18 is the date, 12 is the month (December) and 1996 is the year.

Should you want to write to us, be it only a few friendly words or suggestions on improving our Homepage or hints on our genealogy, you will find the address under the heading Contact.

Thank you very much in advance.

We hope you have a lot of fun surfing through our family history