Our coat of arms, which derives its design from the family name, consists of the shield, the heraldic figure, the helm, the mantling, the wreath, and the crest.

The shield displays a golden fence (Or) of three pointed sticks joined by a cross-bar on a green background (Vert). This heraldic figure, the golden fence, establishes the connection with the origin of our name.

The helmet shape represents a tilting helm which is very common in the coats of arms of citizens.

The colours of our shield are repeated in the mantling which is green (Vert) on the outside and golden (Or) on its inside.

Placed on a green-gold wreath, the crest consists of green wings (Vol Vert) with golden clover stems.

This coat of arms was first adopted in January 1984 by Mr. Ralf Alfred Heinrich Thonemann, Duesseldorf, for himself and the other descendants in the male line of his ancestor Johann Thonemann (fl. 1630), for as long as they hold the family name of himself as the founder of this coat of arms.

The coat of arms was registered on May 12, 1984, as number 8233/84 in the German Roll of Arms, published by “Herold”, the Association for Heraldry, Genealogy, and Related Matters, Berlin.

(We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Professor Wilhelm Busse of the Chair of Medieval English Literature and Historical Linguistics at the University of Düsseldorf in Germany for his kind support in translating this text and possible supplements.)