Thonemann Family Day 1951

Six years after the terrible Second World War, Johannes Cremer from Herzebrock, a Thonemann related by marriage, found the strength to call the first Thonemann Family Day in Scherfede.

In the early autumn of 1951, to be more exact on the weekend from 22nd to 23rd September almost 50 Thonemanns met in Scherfede in order to hear the talk given by the retired headmaster Johannes Cremer on the subject of our family and after the long period of the war, to see the old family members again and to get to know the new ones. Gasthof zur Egge in Hardehausen was chosen as the venue. The old family members from the area know it by the name “Varlemann”.

Family meeting on 22nd and 23rd September 1951 in Scherfede

As the original family home of the Scherfede Thonemanns, the house at Hauptstraße 63 had to be viewed (today, 2000, Briloner Straße 33). The family of Clemens Johannes Thonemann lived in this house, a long-hall house from the 17th Century. At the beginning and end of the Thonemann family day the participants visited Clemens, who is confined to a wheelchair. Thus it was made clear the esteem this member of the family enjoyed among the Thonemanns.

On Saturday 22.9.1951 Johannes Cremer gave a talk on the first part of his research into the affairs of the Thonemann family. Among other things he reported on the origins of our name, the work of our ancestor in the office of judge in Scherfede as well as that of Prelate Martin Thonemann, who was the Abbot of Zisterzienserkloster Hardehausen in the time of the Reformation.

Sunday 23.9.1951 began with high mass for the living and dead of the Thonemann family in Scherfede parish church. After the service the graves of our ancestors in the graveyard in Scherfede were visited.

After a little refreshment in Gasthof zur Egge, Johannes Cremer continued his talk (part 2). He described the appearance of the (Thöne) coat of arms. A golden fence is shown on a green field on a shield. In place of the helmet, there is a long hexagon with big crosses and beside them small crosses. As helmet decoration five peacock feathers were chosen. The lambrequins are green and red.

The coat of arms of the Thöne family

It is worth noting that it is reported in the family that the food and service for the family day was paid for by the Düsseldorf Thonemanns.

The family day of the Thonemann family 1951 ended as stated above with the visit to Clemens Johannes Thonemann.

Ralf A. H. Thonemann

Newspaperarticle from the Westfalen Zeitung dated 27.09.1951
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Extract from the attendance list

No. Name Christian Name Location
01 Thonemann Heinrich Josef Scherfede
02 Thonemann Adelheit Bühne
03 Thonemann Rainer Scherfede
04 Thonemann Sefchen Scherfede
05 Raabe Werner Scherfede
06 Raabe Agnes Scherfede
07 Schnückel Maria Scherfede
08 Thonemann Heinrich Karl Joh. Düsseldorf
09 Thonemann Alfred Scherfede
10 Moors Anni Scherfede
11 Thonemann Josef Düsseldorf
12 Thonemann Heinz Düsseldorf
13 Thonemann Franz Düsseldorf
14 Cremer Johannes Herzebrock
15 Thonemann Clemens Scherfede
16 Thonemann Juliana Scherfede
17 Katt Günther Scherfede
18 Katt Ursula Scherfede
19 Blömeke Heinrich Scherfede
20 Blömeke Lisbeth Scherfede
21 Raabe Hans Scherfede
22 Thonemann Rudolf Scherfede

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