Bernd Thonemann

Pater Vitus Georg Tönnemann SJ
Confessor to
Kaiser Karl VI


Martin Thonemann
Abbot of Hardehausen

  Dr. Heinrich Thöne
Founder of Warburg Grammar School

  Bernd Thonemann
Author of
our family book

    Johann Vitus
Christoph Thönemann and his brother Johannes Konrad Franz

ennobled by
Kaiser Karl VI


Personal details
Name: Bernhard Alfons Thonemann (called Bernd)
Date / place of birth: 12 April 1916 in Löningen
Date / place of death: 21 May 2003 in Cloppenburg
At home in: D – 49661 Cloppenburg
Marital status: was married to Annemarie Steffen
Children: Wiltrud, born 13 November 1942
Cornelia, born 3 March 1945
Harald, born 19 June 1946
Martin, born 20 July 1953

1922 – 1931 Elementary school and secondary school in Löningen
1931 – 1935 State secondary school with scientific bias Cloppenburg School
  leaving certificate: matriculation standard
1937 – 1941 Geodesy studies at the University of Bonn and the College for Advanced Technology in Hanover
  Qualification: Degree in Engineering
1941 – 1947 Training time in Osnabrück, Bersenbrück, Cloppenburg, Hanover and Münster (with considerable interruptions due to military service)
1948 State examination at the examination board in Bielefeld

War service
1935 – 1937 Military service in Verden / Aller (horse artillery)
1939 – 1945 War service on the west, east and home fronts, finally as a captain and unit commander (artillery)

Professional experience
1947 – 1981 Employed at the land registry offices in Bersenbrück, Cloppenburg, Braunschweig, Vechta and with Ellfort, officially appointed surveyors, in Ankum
1959 – 1981 Head of the land registry office in Cloppenburg; also Head of the Friesoythe land registry office (from 1972 to 1973, then the office was dissolved)
1949 Regional surveying assistant
1954 Regional surveying councillor
1965 Head surveying councillor
1973 Director of surveying

Political, honorary activities (a selection)
1972 – 1991 Cloppenburg Town councillor
1976 – 1991 Mayor of Cloppenburg
1976 – 1993 Deputy chairman of the supervisory board of the cooperative house-building society for the district of Cloppenburg
1970 – 1978 Member of the working group of adult education of the CDU parliamentary party in Hanover
1986 – 1992 Member of the Executive of the Lower Saxony Conference of Cities in Hanover

Awards and Honours (a selection)
1976 Appointment as a knight of the order of Saint Sylvester by Pope Paul VI
1987 Award of the Distinguished Service Cross, first class, of the Lower Saxony order of merit by Minister President Dr. Albrecht
1991 Award of the "Distinguished Service Cross of Lower Saxony" by Minister President Schröder
1991 Honoured with a "commemorative publication for Bernd Thonemann" in Hanover on the occasion of his retirement as state chairman of the Catholic adult education (KEB) in the state of Lower Saxony
1991 Award of the honorary title "Ex-mayor"
1993 Freedom of the town conferred