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The "Thöne"book - "Geschichte der Familie Thöne Warburger Stammes 1282 - 1938" - by Wilhelm Thöne, self-published in 1938, has been transcribed and all drawings, genealogical tables, pedigrees etc. have been scanned and saved as a PDF-file. Therefore everybody who is interested has access to this book, which is very important with regard to our family history.
Click here for the download (3MB ZIP-file).
June 6, 2008

Here you have the opportunity to load a drawing of the black and white coat of arms (180 KB) onto your computer.
November 1, 2000

Anyone wishing to learn more about the origin and making of the monstrance and the chalice should visit family member Ralf Thonemann´s website. The internet adress is:
August 6, 2004

Who knows more about the Thonemann Family Day in 1951? Does anyone have photos from that time? Who else was present?
November 1, 2000

Who was Maria Clara Thonemann?
She was born on 24.08.1884 in Scherfede and died unmarried on 09.01.1968 in Bonn. She was last employed as housekeeper for Father Siepen, the Catholic priest in Vernich.
Who were her parents? Did she have any brothers and sisters?
November 1, 2000

Where in fact was the old judge’s house (Richterhaus) in Scherfede situated?
Under the title "The Thonemann Line in Rimbeck”, Bernd Thonemann writes in the last paragraph of his family book that the Richterhaus was located at the corner of the Hauptstraße approach road to Mönchshof.
Older people from Scherfede, however, say that the Richterhaus stood directly at the church at Kirchstr. 17. In the village the residents of the house were addressed by their surname "Allen Richts”.
"Allen Richts” is Low German and means "Alter Richter" (old judge) in High German.
Who has additional documents which may support the one or other assumption?
November 1, 2000